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The most unique, beautiful and over-the-top private dining rooms in Miami

To some, a dinner is just a dinner. But if you’re reading this, you most likely appreciate the fact that food is merely one element of the full experience. Setting—the physical location as well as the tablescape and ambiance—is equally as important, and what better way to level up a night of dining out than to splurge with your own private dining room?

We’re not talking about some pretty artwork and a white tablecloth behind a curtain. We’re bringing to light some of the most creative, beautiful and over-the-top private dining rooms in Miami. Whether you’re hosting a birthday dinner, a baby or bridal shower, a rehearsal dinner, a corporate event or just celebrating in general, we’ve got you covered. From a cheese cellar to an underground cavern, a luminescent aquarium and more, these are Miami’s most out-of-the-box private dining rooms for all of your special occasions.

The Cave at Ariete

There are only a handful of below-ground experiences in Miami, and The Cave at Ariete is one of them. Walk down the stairs into this stonewalled private dining room, which seats up to 50 guests for an Old-World-style dining experience. It’s perfect for the kinds of dinners that call for long-winded speeches and free-flowing Champagne. Guests dining in The Cave can choose from either a family-style menu or a customized chef’s tasting menu with the option of an assorted wine pairing.


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