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Blissful Temptations: Where To Find Tasty Sweets For National Dessert Day

Calling all dessert lovers! If you share our passion for all things sweet, you’re in for a treat! In celebration of National Dessert Day on Oct. 14, we’ve rounded up exquisite spots around South Florida offering out-of-this-world delights. Find out where you can satisfy your sweet tooth; we bet you’ll want to try them all!


For a dining experience of pure elegance and sophistication, head to the Michelin-starred Ariete in Coconut Grove. Under the culinary guidance of Chef Michael Beltran, this renowned restaurant combines the flavors of New American and Cuban cuisine in a menu that constantly evolves with the seasons and the chef’s innovative creations. For National Dessert Day, Ariete offers its beloved treat, The Cigar. It’s made with Manjari shell, hazelnut, praline and gianduja mousse, complemented with espresso ice cream for caffeine lovers.


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