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10 of the Best New Entrées at Independent Restaurants Across the Country – NRN

Canard a la Presse (for two)

Creator: Chef Michael Beltran
Price: $125 (for two)

Chef Michael Beltran uses a two-feet tall, 36 lb. Paderno Duck Press, imported from France, for this showstopping dish. Working tableside, Beltran carves a whole, Rohan duck that has been dry aged for 14 days, and sets the breast aside. He then inserts the carcass into the press, which uses a screw-down plate to compress the cooked bones and squeeze out every last drop of juice. It is then cooked tableside with red wine vinegar and finished with seasonal jam. The jus is spooned over the sliced breast and garnished with pistachio dukkah. The duck is served with duck pastelitos, duck leg tamale with wild mushroom gravy and the option of adding foie gras, along with a seasonal salad.





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